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14 - Doctor Who: Anachrophobia by Jonathan Morris

This was one of the adventures of the Eighth Doctor, whose only non-book appearance was in the American TV movie in the 90s. Summary from Amazon : An Eighth Doctor novel with Fitz and Anji. The Doctor, Fitz and Anji are forced to land in inhospitable terrain as something disables the Tardis. Reconnaissance proves it to be a planet in revolt, with colonists trying to break free from the harsh clutches of the Plutocratic Empire. The principal weapon in this war: time itself. Soldiers continually find themselves in Time Storms: without protective clothing, they are aged to death in seconds. The Tardis crew are picked up by empire personnel, and discover the empire's hope for victory: a primitive time-travel capsule. It is undergoing tests at the moment, but the men who return from these missions return horribly changed. They're picking up a terrible infection: anachrophobia; losing their time-orientation; travelling backwards and forwards within their own lifetimes; losing their minds. The Doctor is desperate to halt the spread of the disease, but his efforts are constantly frustrated. The plague reveals that there's a lot more about the motives of all involved than anybody had imagined...
The first bit of the book kind of dragged for me, but once the results of the plague became apparent, as well as their effects on the Doctor, Fitz and Anji, I was definitely hooked and a bit creeped out. There were also some tie-ins to past novels, which I didn't get because I haven't read those particular books. All in all, this read very like watching one of the episodes, and I kept having to alter the voice of the Doctor in my head from David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) to Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor).
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