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15 - Catwings Series by Ursula Le Guin

Technically, this one is 4 books, but since they're each only about 40 pages I'm counting it as one lol. This series is about 4 young alley tabby cats who were born with wings. Their mother, who does not have wings, did her best to keep them safe, but when she accepted a proposal from another cat, sent her children away so that they could be safe and happy out of the city. After flying for a few days, James, Harriet, Thelma and Roger (the cats) find themselves in a forest near a farm. They end up living in the barn of said farm when the children living there are nice to them. The second book tells of James and Harriet returning to the city to visit their mother. While there, they find a young black kitten, who also has wings, hiding in an abandoned building. When the building is destroyed, almost with them inside, they take her with them and end up finally finding their mother. There they discover that the kitten, Jane, is actually their little sister and that her father, the cat that had proposed to their mother just before they originally left the city, ended up in another city on business and their mother is now living with an elderly lady. Jane goes back with James and Harriet to the barn. The third story tells of a young kitten, Alexander, who decides to take an adventure and gets himself stranded in a tree in the forest behind the Catwings' barn. Jane finds him there, helps him down and leads him back to the barn. Her siblings and the children of the farm accept him and the children's mother takes him into her home, since she likes the Catwings but won't risk their safety if visitors come. In return for this kindness, Alexander helps Jane overcome her fears from the abandoned building and gets her to finally talk. The final book tells of Jane's restlessness with barn life and her decision to go back to the city. While there she flies in an open window to find a guy that spoils her. When she realises that he's using her to get famous, and that if people find out about her they might find out about her siblings, she escapes. She then finds her mother again and ends up living with her and the elderly lady, who has no desire to expose Jane to the media.
Tags: animals, fiction, kidlit

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