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16 - Lisa's Story: The Other Shoe by Tom Batiuk

As the title suggests, this is Lisa's Story. Lisa Moore, the wife of the teacher with the big glasses in the comic strip Funky Winkerbean. It starts in 1999 with her diagnosis of breast cancer, follows her through the treatment phase, and into remission. It then flashes 7 years into the future, when she relapses, and then follows her through to the end.
This is a book that, as a cancer survivor, I found very poignant. Tom Batiuk really dug into the feelings and actions that come with being a cancer patient, at all stages from "that doesn't feel right, I'm calling the doctor" to "I'm in remission, what now?". The second half goes deeper, showing more of how cancer affects relationships, from spouses, children and friends. I would recommend it to anyone dealing with, not only cancer, but any disease, fatal or not, in any form - patient, family, caregiver, survivor.
Tags: cartoon, health, human spirit

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