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Book 80

Fairy Tail 19Fairy Tail 19 by Hiro Mashima

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This picks up with our heroes trying to stop the moving bit of magical weapon known as Nirvana before it can destroy Cait Shelter. While tattered and torn, the Fairy Tail crew are winning but Erza is left to fight Midnight and the amnesiac Jellal isn’t going to be of much help. Just when it looks like they’ve won, oracion seis’s evil master shows up and he might be a match for all of the Fairy Tail wizards (not to mention Cait Shelter and Blue Pegasus’s).

All of them are going to have to work together to stop Zero and Nirvana. Without being spoilery, let’s just say that Natsu’s true depth of character and abilities is starting to come through. In spite of fan service and occasionally silly storylines, when this manga gets down to its meat, it is a captivating and fun story. I really like it.

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