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Haunted Hocking: A Ghost Hunters Guide to the Hocking Hills & Beyond IIHaunted Hocking: A Ghost Hunters Guide to the Hocking Hills & Beyond II by Jannette Quackenbush

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I live near the Hocking Hills and spotted this book in a local Athens bookstore and said to myself hey I can support an independent book store AND get a book on local hauntings, win win. And this book is pretty much a win (though at the moment I can’t remember why I chose this over the first book. I’m sure it had to do with one particular haunting I wanted to know more about).

It’s written by the investigators of the Haunted Hocking Investigation Team and it was a really nice look at the local hauntings. It’s of the style I’ve come to favor, in other words, one where the source of the haunting story is investigated for some sort of veracity and some investigation has been carried out (as opposed to just a retelling of any old local legend). The one thing I wish they hadn’t done was the over the top photoshopping of what the haunts are supposed to look like. I would rather have had just a picture of the site as it is but that is a minor thing.

It’s well organized, doing each county in turn instead of say having one story in Athens then one in Marietta then back to Athens again. They’re nicely grouped which, since many of these sites are public areas, makes it easy if the reader would like to do his or her own investigating. (keeping in mind, as the book says, that if it is not public land, you get permission first).

There were places I’ve already been to (Lafayette Hotel in Marietta), one’s I’ve known about but not been to yet like the Moonville Tunnel (an investigation I’ve been meaning to do since I moved here) to ones I’ve never heard of like several in Chillicothe. There is also a section for crypto legends like the Mothman. It was an enjoyable book about my local area and I’d like to go back and get the first book. That should set me up for things to do for a while.

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