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Books 36 & 37 for 2012

Blood Pact by Tanya Huff. 376 pages.
Fourth in the Vicki Nelson/Henry Fitzroy series. As usual the detective and the vampire, along with Vicki's friend Mike Celluci are needed to solve a mystery, but this time it strikes rather closer to home for Vicki…
This one is a bit darker than the previous three books in the series, but still a good yarn. 
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. 289 pages.
I'm not the huge Neil Gaiman fan that many people are -  I haven't read a great many of his books and I didn't care much for American Gods, which seems very popular. This book though, I liked quite a lot.
The plot is fairly simple - a family is murdered, but the toddler wanders off before the killer can find him and is adopted by ghosts in the nearby graveyard. But it's nicely written and engaging and does a nice line in Chekov's Guns.
Tags: fantasy, ghosts, supernatural, vampires, young adult

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