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Madhouse (Cal Leandros, #3)Madhouse by Rob Thurman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The third book (nearly in a row) that was good all the way up to the end. This one didn’t end as badly as the other two but it had two big turn offs for me. That said, I really enjoyed it up until the last few pages. I’ve developed a fondness for Cal, Niko, Robin and Promise (and yes at this point I see them as a group or characters as opposed to this being only Cal’s story, though it is his pov).

This book had three subplots in order of descending importance 1) defeating a monster name Sawney Beane 2) find out who is trying to kill Robin and stop them 3) get Cal laid (and this is the subplot that nearly had the book hurtling across the room).

I was impressed that Sawney Beane was dusted off. He was a real person, thought to be one of the reasons for the werewolf legends. In this, since we had a werewolf bad guy last book, Sawney is a Red Cap who is running around slaughtering people, especially women and children. He has a taste for insanity and for that matter, a taste for Cal’s hybrid flesh. The Sawney storyline is very good, a bit gross but well done. It also introduces Delilah, Flay’s, a werewolf from last book, sister. She looks more human than her brother and is hired to help save Cal at one point and later to fight with their team.

The second story line is also interesting. Robin Goodfellows, the satyr/puck/god, has screwed, thieved and lied his way through millennia and now it’s back to bite him in the ass. Someone is trying to kill him but he won’t tell Cal and Niko why, though they suspect he knows. It also introduces another new character, Ishiah, a Peri who is Cal’s bar-owning boss.

Running through these two interesting storylines is Cal’s I’m 20 and wanna lose my virginity plot mixed with a bit too much angst (Cal’s good for that). He has a point. He is part monster and he could be passing that along especially if he sleeps with Georgina who he supposedly loves. He enlists Robin to find a non-human he can’t possibly impregnate.

I did like this book up until the last five pages. Part of why I’ll put lower under a spoiler alert. The other part of why I was annoyed is that book four pretty much starts on the last two pages. I prefer my books to be stand alone, even in a series and I was rather annoyed that this threw in another of my least favorite things (return villains) in the last second. Will I get the next one? Yes, because I do like the series but do I have problems with this, some yes. For those look below.




Seriously, I’m going to spoiling some of the ending here.


Okay, I had real issues with Cal and his dick. Arguably Cal makes terrible decisions on a daily basis. He’s not all that bright. I can definitely understand his fear of spreading the Auphe genes but until almost two-thirds through it didn’t even seem like he even thought about birth control. He later does but dismisses it all as ineffective.

My real issue is we’ve seen for two and half books that he loves George. Even as he goes with Robin to find a lay, he’s thinking about her. Everyone, Niko, Promise and even Robin, tell him that he’s making a mistake in not being with George but since she refuses to read her own future, Cal isn’t going for it. Then in dances Delila and he sees her scarred belly and thinks wow, wonder if she can’t get pregnant. Later she confirms it as she’s hot on his tail. Here’s the disturbing part, she slept with the killer from last book and he clawed her womb out but she had no problems in being with the killer. She’s a werewolf and in this world, pretty much they’re nothing but mobsters and killers. Cal knows she’s a killer and thinks humans are food.

I have huge issues with him selecting her over George. Okay we let George go. I could live with that. But to decide a murderer is going to be your lover is a bit much (for that matter the really dark turn of events in the Robin plotline is a bit much too). I can’t see Niko being okay with this for his brother. Sorry I can’t.

And another real problem I have is that it never occurs to Cal that he’s probably sterile. Most hybrid are. Not once does it cross his mind that he’s as sterile as a mule. Okay, Cal isn’t bright but he talks about this with Niko and he never seems to think about it either. Yes we can’t take Cal to a doctor since he’s different inside but really a microscope and a counting grid slide and some patience does the trick.

I do know I’m going to have trouble with the series if he’s shacked up with a killing machine just saying.

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