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book 93

Haven (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, #13)Haven by Kay Hooper

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve unfortunately read the Bishop SCU/Haven series out of order and I’m not entirely sure I’ve read any of the trilogies it’s broken into in their entirety. I can’t remember if I have seen Haven operatives Jessie Rayburn or Nathan Navarro before but I think I would have remembered Jessie because I disliked her a lot, to be honest. This, the thirteenth in the series, was one of the weakest. It’s yet another book summer that was at least somewhat enjoyable until about fifty pages from the end then it was all I could do to keep from throwing it.

Jessie has returned home to Baron Hallow, her hometown that ran away from as a teenager. She has a younger sister, Emma, who has turned the large family home into a B&B. Jessie has chunks of her memory of a traumatic event missing and its interfering with her psychic abilities. She doesn’t even know her sister, from whom she has been estranged from for half their lives, had an accident that activated her own psychic abilities. Emma has been dreaming of girls dying.

However, since the two girls barely talk they don’t mention the dead girls or that Jessie is working as a psychic detective, nothing. Jessie spends her time in the woods trying to find out what happened to her back then. She doesn’t know that Maggie, head of Haven, has sent Navarro in to keep an eye on things. His psychic power is to find the dead and he does, right off, finds the girl who dies visibly on the first few pages of this.

They’re on the trail of a serial killer. Jessie does seem to know this but won’t work with anyone. She’s avoiding her sister, the local cops, the ghost hunters in town and well just about everyone and moaning a lot about how cut off she is.

The story is told from many points of view (well set off from one another), Jessie’s Emma’s, Navarro, the ghost hunters, the sheriff, their cousin, Victor and his girlfriend, town reporter, Nellie, random victims and the killer. Honestly, not too hard to figure out who the killer is, there is only a few men outside of Navarro so… It wasn’t a horrible book but it wasn’t as good as it should have been and Jessie is the reason. Let’s discuss that under a spoiler alert.



Yep spoilers ahead



Okay, Jessie refuses to tell anyone anything even after Emma tells her Navarro is there. At this point Jessie knows there is a serial killer. She’s found his stash of trophies. Rather than call in Haven or the FBI or anyone, she comes up with an elaborate plan to pretend to run away again, stash her car and go back up there to the cabin knowing he probably knows she was there and confront him herself without noticing he’s messed with her gun, her phone and her gps. Okay sometimes we make stupid choices. I’m diabetic. Sometimes I chose the donut. But I would NOT knowing pretend to run off and go after a serial killer alone and without backup (which is right there in the same house with me) and purposely set it up that even if he figures out I didn’t run away he couldn’t possibly convince law enforcement of it.

It’s obvious she’s going to get caught. She gets caught. And I’ll give it to Hooper here, Jessie gets what is the most natural ending to this scenario. She’s an idiot. She was cold and obnoxious up to this point and when she comes up with this plan, knows it’s dumb, tries to justify it weakly I lost all sympathy for her. And what about Bishop the seer? Did he really not see the end (that’s the problem with seers, it’s hard to come up with surprise endings if you have characters who can see the end).

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