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RPG Books

These are RP books I read in August, mostly for research for my upcoming games.

Changeling – The Lost

Changeling is a role play game in White Wolf’s World of Darkness system. Changelings are humans who have been captured by fairies, but have now returned to Earth to try to live their lives. These fairies aren’t Tinkerbelle. These are the True Fae – like Pratchett’s Lords and Ladies. These are the scary, psycho fairies who like to rip human lives apart and put them back together every which way for their own amusement. Players play Changelings who have escaped from the Hedge (the barrier between this world and the fairy word, and have been granted powers by the Fae. Some Changelings can control the elements, others can turn into animals, or look like ogres, or whatever. The beauty of this system is that ideas for interesting and creative characters are basically endless. You can make just about any type of character you want. Of course, being spoiled for choice can sometimes be a bad thing as well.

Changeling – The Lost provides you with all the info you need to run a Changeling game, or to play a Changeling character yourself. (It’s a good idea to have the core World of Darkness book as well though.) In between the chapters are creepy stories of the Changelings to help provide atmosphere. After all, Changelings always live in fear that the Fae will find them again. It’s kind of a PTSD thing.

If you like looking at dark, twisted fairy tales and stories of the True Fae, then you’ll probably like this. If you’re into RP – particularly kind of creepy stuff, or if you like the other WoD systems, then I recommend giving Changeling a try. I think it would also be good for new players to dip their toes into something darker, or people who enjoy bizarre character concepts.


Changeling – The Lost: Autumn Nightmares

Autumn Nightmares is a supplement book for the World of Darkness: Changeling – The Lost RPG system by White Wolf. This book details lots of interesting and frightening antagonists that you can use in a Changeling game. This includes evil or rogue Changelings, the True Fae themselves and other things not necessarily fairy in origin. It also goes into detail about fetches (false humans the Fae put in your place to carry on your life after they capture you and take you away.) This book is great if you’re running a Changeling or WoD game and are looking for extra things to add to make your game interesting. It would also be good background reading for someone playing a Changeling in a game.


Changeling – The Lost: Night Fears – Grim Fears

Grim Fears is another supplement book of frightening antagonists that can be used in a Changeling – The Lost WoD game, or in any game set in a World of Darkness setting. This book contains over twenty-five character stats and biographies to help inspire game masters and to make their WoD games just that little bit more entertaining.


Werewolf – The Forsaken

Another book in White Wolf’s World of Darkness RPG universe, Werewolf is all about how to play a werewolf in WoD, or to run a werewolf game. Yes, these are humans who turn into wolf or wolf-like monsters, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Werewolves are born, not created by biting humans, and they undergo their first change usually when they’re teenagers. Most werewolves form packs and families and look out for each other. This is a good thing, because there’s a lot of other scary things out there other than wolves…

Werewolves also act as ‘spirit police.’ Their powers come from a wolf spirit that lives inside them, and it is their jobs to control and maintain other spirits that live around them. This system uses the belief that objects can have spirits – tree spirits, animal spirits, car spirits, even spirits of cities, roads or the ocean. There are also spirits of strong emotions, such as lust or grief. When these spirits start causing trouble, that’s when werewolves have to step in to keep them in check.

Speaking personally, I love Werewolf. I’ve played one for about two years now and I’m getting ready to run my own game of it. It’s a dark setting, but if you like werewolves and werewolf mythology then you are likely to have fun.


Exalted: The Books of Sorcery, Vol. II – The White Treatise

Exalted is another White Wolf RPG set in an Eastern-inspired world called Creation. Magic exists in Creation, and it is entirely possible for you to create and role play a character that is learning sorcery. This book is an expansion of the sorcery spells in the Exalted core book, listing more than 150 spells that your character can learn. This book also goes into more detail about how, where and why a character can learn sorcery, variations on spells and rule clarifications. This book is really good for those players of Exalted to expand their characters’ skills.

Note: This book, The White Treatise, is meant to be used for morally good characters. There is a sister book, The Black Treatise, that is for characters learning dark magic. Despite this, some of the so-called “good” spells can still be downright horrifying, such as a spell that lets your character literally rain fire down upon a town, or turn their enemy’s blood into boiling oil.


Mouse Guard by Luke Crane

Mouse Guard is a RPG along the lines of Redwall. It’s inspired by a comic series by David Peterson. In it you play a mouse (or sometimes other rodent) who is a warrior fighting to stay alive and to defend your mouse town against all sorts of dangers. It’s a fun little fantasy adventure setting and probably good for people just starting out in role play games. It could also be fun if you like other epic adventure fantasy tales. With this, you could quite easily play out a Lord of the Rings type story, only with mice. XD


25/50 Half done!
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