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Books 41 - 50.

41. Taylor - The Buried Soul: How Humans Invented Death
Looking to the past to see how people dealt with death and what to do with the body. Interesting and sometimes surprising.

42. Siken - Crush
Slim but good collection of poems, I liked its variations of moods a lot.

43. Caldicott & Caldicott - World Food Café (Finnish translation)
Beautiful pictures and delicious-sounding recipes that I want to try now. Thinking about buying the second WFC book now.

44. Ellis - Imperial Bedrooms (library copy)
Continuation to his first book, with the mood of later books mixed in. A quickish read.

45. Apostoli - Fatima For Today: The Urgent Marian Message Of Hope
A good book about Fatima yet you do have to tolerate his somewhat clumsy conservative edge sometimes. Still worth owning.

46. Beckett - Sister Wendy On Prayer
In contrast with the previous one, this one is easy and gentle yet brings new thoughts and ideas up. Some great paintings included XD

47. Weir - Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy
If you like to draw family trees, this one is a great, great help since it lists some people that others might ignore, like bastards and grandchildren of children that weren't kings or queens. Stops at the end of 2002, but the rest can be pretty easily be found on the Internet.

48. Pascal - Pensées (English translation)
Easy to read, bringing up some good points about things like the power of visuals in helping the powerful ones to keep control, the way imagination can get in the way of justice at court, and religion or lack of it. Worth reading.

49. Mason - The Rough Guide To Classic Novels
Small and light and yet inspiring.

50. Allen - In The Devil's Garden: A Sinful History Of Forbidden Food
Sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre and sometimes horrifying (especially when showing one reason why Haiti is so poor). Borrowed it from my parents, not really wanting to own a copy myself so I think you should borrow it too from the library or somewhere :D

Book challenge accomplished, but will

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