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Books #49-51 Mary Balogh

Hi, I just want to have a quick report before I totally forgot the books that I have read.
So, I can't resist yet another romance. It's still Mary Balogh!

Dancing with Clara
Mary Balogh always wrote love stories in a very good way, for me at least. The language is never too elevated or too dense. The intimate scenes written appropriately. However, in my opinion, the one thing that made her stands out among others is her ability to give such emotion in her stories. I love this book. This is one of the Sullivan series if I'm not mistaken. I love Dancing with Clara better than Courting Julia. Clara is an invalid and has to go everywhere with a wheelchair but it was mostly the result of her father's extreme overprotectiveness. Freddy seems to be a regular playboy who used to break women's hearts but deep down he's just a man who wants to be independent and strives not to burden his father with financial matters anymore, albeit in a wrong way. This book revolves in the old theme of "It takes a woman to change a man" but I love it though and hey, we women want that right?

Tempting Harriet
This is the last book in the Sullivan Series. The couple in this book actually appeared in Dancing with Clara and I love them too. But their story was suspended in a sad way and so it was continued as the main focus in this book. I think for me TH and CJ is equal. Both are good book but not in the way I like DC. My feelings go for Harriet here because she has to solve the battle in her heart to be with her lover. Her love is like a great torture that she cannot resist but a distant dream that she believed to be impossible to attain as well. I'm glad everything worked well for her because she deserved it. How heart is such a complicated thing, volatile, hesitant, stubborn, but ever so constant.   

Simply Perfect
I also love it when Balogh wrote about older women finding their true loves. Well, the character here is not that old, she's 35 and she runs a reputable girl school with dignity. The couple in this book is involved emotionally with each other instead of physically. I think that made it deeper and more meaningful. Balogh described that humans are not only fragile yet strong at the same time, but also flawed, never perfect and so .. humane. Something that I also like about Balogh is that she linked characters in one book with other books and you can often find characters appearing in other stories just as if all the stories that she wrote happened in one and the same social world of Regency England. This made her books even more realistic. Simply perfect for me. 

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