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Book 29

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Book 29 SEX WITH KINGS Eleanor Herman (USA, 2005)

A brief history of some of the most famous royal mistresses.

I currently live with my cousin, and her husband has a huge library that is filled with books. Mostly history books, half of them being about the Holocaust. I was browsing through the shelves when the title of this book attracted me (*wink*).

Sex with Kings is about the lives of mistresses such as Madame de Pompadour, Madame de Montespan, Lola Montez or Diane de Poitiers. The author opted for a thematic approach to their lives that allows her to discuss a wide range of topics such as their routines, political power (or lack thereof), money and downfalls. Let's face it, this approach also enabled her to do "more with less" because it called for repetitions. Some people would probably think this book falls into the category of "gossip history". To me, it is more of an introduction to fascinating historical characters that eventually makes you want to read more about some of them. I certainly learnt a few valuable things and intend to add some biographies to my list of books to read. I also added Sex with the Queen to my list.


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