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Books 114-115: The Colorado Kid and Four to Score

Book 114: The Colorado Kid .
Author: Stephen King, 2005.
Genre: Mystery.
Other Details: ebook. 184 pages.

As a fan of the TV series 'Haven' I was curious to read the short novel that inspired the show though was aware up front that this was something of a shaggy dog story and that the link between it & the TV series was rather slim.

Still that tenuous link didn't diminish my enjoyment of this mystery, which consists of two old geezers, Vince & Dave, who run the local newspaper for Moose-Lookit Island off the coast of Maine, speculating on the idea of unexplained mysteries to their summer intern, Stephanie. What prompts this discussion is a visit from a Boston Globe reporter seeking to do a series of feature articles on said unexplained mysteries. They turn him away but then begin to explain to Stephanie their reasoning for this. Along the way they tell her about a 25-year old mystery, that of a man who was found dead on the beach with no identification and who became known as the Colorado Kid.

As Vince & Dave are quite wonderful supporting characters in the TV show, I saw this story as sort of prequel to the events in the series. However, my trusty timey-whimey detector did sound off with the mention of a Starbucks located in Boulder, Colorado in 1980. While the coffee shops did soon spread widely according to their potted history in 1980 there were only a few coffee shops which were all located in Seattle.

Was this a deliberate anachronism on the part of King, slipped in as part of the mystery or to indicate that the old boys' memories were not all that brilliant? Still maybe just a simple error as it is hard to recall a time when Starbucks weren't everywhere. King's afterword was very insightful including the fact he knew some people would be quite angry about the way he played out the story. I loved it though, so no complaints.

Book 115: Four to Score (Stephanie Plum #4).
Author: Janet Evanovich, 1998.
Genre: Chick Lit Crime Fiction. Comedy/Drama.
Other Details: Unabridged Audiobook (9 hours, 36 mins) Read by C. J. Critt.

Stephanie's current case for her bail bondsman cousin Vinnie has her hot on the trail of waitress Maxine Nowicki, who had been arrested for stealing her ex-boyfriend's car. At first it seems a simple case though quirky proves much more complex as Maxine has not only jumped bail but is seeking revenge on said ex-boyfriend. More disasters befall Stephanie when someone begins to target her personally sparking further mayhem in her already chaotic life.

There was a lot to enjoy here as I've become quite familiar with Evanovich's style and her cast of quirky characters that fill the pages of these novels. One new superb character was Joe Morelli's grandmother, Bella, who claims to have 'the Eye' and to be able to foresee the future. She makes a prediction about Stephanie that travels like wildfire around the local community.

This proved a fun audiobook-in-the car though I could almost guarantee that when a steamy scene came on I'd be somewhere inconvenient like parked outside shops with families walking by with trolleys. Stephanie still is a very inept bounty hunter but then that is part of the enjoyment as she gets into scrape after scrape until the resolution.
Tags: audio book, chicklit, comedy, crime fiction, etext, mystery

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