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Books 20-30, September 2012

I better get everything I've read since May down before I never get a chance to do it.

20. Catching Fire Susan Collins. 2009. Great follow up to the first book, you get a better understanding of the world Katniss lives in. Being oblivious to the effect she has on the politics of her world is pretty typical of most teens.

21. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Seth Grahame-Smith. 2012 (movie tie in edition). Not being and American, I enjoyed this fictional tweaking of this historical icon.

22. The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame, Illustrated by Ernest H, Shepard. 1961. The adventures of Mole, Rat, Badger, and Mr. Toad represent a bygone era in English literature and society. Still a good read.

23. The Fifth Elephant Terry Pratchett. 2000. Sam Vines goes to Uberwald and has some interesting adventures. I would love this book to made into a movie if only for one amusing scene involving Lady Margolotta, the vampire noble.

24. The Truth Terry Pratchett.2001, best satire on the newspaper industry I have ever read. And shows you the best way to shut up a lawyer - quote him verbatim.

25. The Thief of Time Terry Pratchett. 2002. Lu Tze and Lobsang Ludd race against time to stop the an accurate clock from being made. A good time waster.

26. Nightwatch Terry Pratchett. 2003. Sam Vines gets sent back in time. He must be very careful how he does things because he could make things or or die in the past. I love how he dealt with the failed assassin at the beginning of the book. But it's a fun read all the same.

27. Doubletake Rob Thurman. More Cal Leandros.2012. More Cal Leandros. More unpleasant monsters, both real and human. And a Puck lottery you do(n't) want to miss.

28. Mockingjay Susan Collins . 2010. Real good, and the ending was even better.

29. Th Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents Terry Pratchett. While this a young readers book, it's still done in Pratchett's style and wit. The rats are adorable and very individual. A good read whatever your age.

30. Monstrous Regiment Terry Pratchett. Reissued 2011. What happens when Janey goes to war? You'll find out in this book.

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