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Book 44 for 2012

Blood Debt by Tanya Huff. 362 pages

Fifth of the Vicki Nelson/Henry Fitzroy books.

Putting the review under a cut because there's no way to even start talking about this book without spoiling the end of the previous book in the series.

Ay the end of the last book in this series Vicki was mortally wounded and Henry made her a vampire to save her from final death. But after an initial learning period, two vampires cannot share a territory - or so Henry believes. But when he is greeted each sunset by a ghost, whose shrieks are death to the weak and ill, that belief must be put to the test, because he needs Vicki's detective skills to keep the death toll from rising. Vicki, although now undead, is still quintessentially Vicki and too stubborn to allow a mere instinct to rule her, so it becomes a contest to see if they can solve the mystery before they kill each other….

Another good story in this series, which Rob and I both enjoyed.

Tags: fantasy, vampires

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