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Books 21-25 2012

21. Att växa genom möten by Kay Pollack (self-help?) - May?
This book was recommended to me by the owner of the local craft store and unfortunately, I found that it contained too much stuff that plain pissed me off to be very valuable to me at this stage in my life. Overall, Pollack has some good notions, but I find his belief in thought crime ("an attack on another person causes guilt; every bad thought you have about a person is an attack on that person" to paraphrase) unsettling, and his tendency to assign blame/guilt to negative thoughts/attitudes something that in my judgment runs the risk of potentially deepening depression or social anxiety in a reader that suffers from them. There are good things that can be taken from this book, no doubt, but too much of it fell into the category of "this would cause more stress than it would alleviate" for me personally.

22. Jakten på en mördare by Tobias Barkman (nonfiction) - Week 24
I found my library has a shelf of crime non-fiction. I'm alternating my own books with these.
The book follows a particular investigation group from around the time it formed to the conclusion of its final case, focusing on the man leading that group, and doing all this by going case by case, interspersed with copies of a few relevant police photos and reports filed by a policeman who was called several times by the man who murdered a girl and a prostitute. It's as much a chronicle of this group and the solving of these crimes as it is a chronicle of the changes in organization especially southern Sweden's police forces went through during the time covered.

23. [geim] by Anders De La Motte (crime fiction) - 16 Jun 2012
The book primarily follows the petty thief mostly known as "HP" and his sister who is a relatively newly-trained lifeguard after several years in the police force. HP finds a curious cell phone on a commuter train, inviting him to play a game; a game, it turns out, that is designed to push the limits of its participants until it becomes potentially deadly.
It's a relatively high-speed, actiony book, though it doesn't entirely lack introspection. A couple of passages are unclear in viewpoint, quite possibly deliberately misleading, though most of the reader's ignorance of the true state of things comes from HP's limited understanding of the situation he suddenly finds himself in.

24. Skånska mord by Jan Hemmel (nonfiction) - 25 Jun 2012
This book presents 150 years of historical murders in the Swedish province of Scania, along with a bit of relevant criminal history. It also contains a lot of photos, and honestly comes off a little more like a morbid coffee table book than something intended to be read cover to cover. Even so, it's interesting, if understandably a little thin on information, considering the age of the crimes.

25. Gärningsmannen är en kvinna by Suzanne Kordon & Anna Wetterqvist (nonfiction) - 26 Jun 2012
A book that looks at the crimes committed by women, and how female criminals are met by media and the justice system. The book is split into chapters based on category of crime, and does keep coming back to gender roles and how these may affect the frequency of women involved in that specific type of crime, as well as how the crime relates to the female gender role. One recurring point, that receives a lot of focus, is the concept of the criminal as a victim, and how much more important it seems to be to us to see a woman facing criminal charges as a victim of circumstance, than to dig for excuses for a male perpetrator.
I rather liked the book not least because it managed to take a very matter-of-fact view of gender; it's more about how things are, without judgment, than about how wrong it is that things are that way.
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