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Books 26-35

26. Iliaden by Homeros (classical greek lit) - Week 26
I would love to read a prose interpretation of this, which loses some of the repetition and sprawling train-of-thoughty analogies and metaphors (I love the analogies and metaphors, but when they digress for a page and a half it gets kind of hard to follow the main thread of the story), and the insane listing of names, parents and grandparents. I guess the bottom line is, I enjoyed the story, even if I spent some of my reading of it chuckling with my fiancé about how men's nipples (and to a lesser extent navels) seem to be a disproportionately popular target.

27. Aurian (original title: Aurian) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 27
28. Aurians flykt (original title: Aurian) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 27
29. Jordens stav (original title: Harp of Winds) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 28
30. Vindens harpa (original title: Harp of Winds) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 28
31. I fjärran land (original title: The Sword of Flame) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 29
32. Eldens svärd (original title: The Sword of Flame) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 29
33. Återfödelsens kittel (original title: Dhiammara) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 30
34. Dhiammara (original title: Dhiammara) by Maggie Furey (fantasy) - Week 30
As a sidenote, it is a long-standing unfortunate tradition of Swedish publishers to split up fantasy novels into two when translating, as evident from the list of original titles above. They claim this is done for space reasons, as books allegedly get longer when translated, but I've always suspected that it's mainly an excuse to have twice as many books to charge full price for in the original release. Also, at least the first three or four books, and possibly more, were re-reads, but as I was borrowing the books from my friend at the time (and this was around twelve years ago, give or take), I'm not quite sure how far I'd gotten. It's taken me until recently to accumulate a complete collection.
The series follows Aurian, a young mage raised in her plant-mage mother's secluded valley, far from the mages' college in the big city. She catches the unwelcome attention of the archmage, who is boundlessly jealous of the bond and love she has for her human mentor (and later lover), and his ire towards her ends up sending her on a chase all around the world to try to obtain three out of four Elements of Power in order to be able to overpower his one and regain control of the city he is ruling with a tyrant's hand.
Furey manages, for large parts of the series, to make both deaths and saves feel trite and cliché - while many characters are likeable enough that I didn't particularly want them to die when they came into life-or-death situations, whether they did so or no it largely ended up feeling like a plot device. Likewise, especially in the middle of the series, the only threat she seems able to motivate her protagonists with is death, which gets kind of tired. Nevertheless, the beginning and the resolution are pretty solid (aside from one major side effect of the whole wild goose chase Aurian goes through kind of being left hanging), and there are a lot of very varied characters among both protagonists and antagonists - just don't expect anything overly deep from it!

35. Ares tecken by Dan Buthler (crime fiction) - Week 32
A number of brutal, lethal beatings in widely spread parts of the country puzzle the police - the only thing that seems to definitely tie the victims together is the strange symbol left on the bodies, and the fact that most of especially the early victims were homosexual men. As the situation spirals further and further out of control, the police struggles to identify what sort of wicked organization might be behind the killings.
The answer is as surprising to them as it is to the reader, and a very unexpected twist!
Tags: classic, crime fiction, fantasy

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