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Books 126-128: Elisabeth Sladen: the Autobiography, Cat vs Cat and High Five

Book 126: Elisabeth Sladen: the Autobiography.
Author: Elizabeth Sladen with Jeff Hudson, 2011. Foreword by David Tennant. Epilogue by Sadie and Brian Miller.
Genre: Autobiography. Memoir. Doctor Who.
Other Details: Paperback. 334 pages.

In 1973 Elisabeth Sladen made her début as journalist Sarah Jane Smith, the new companion for the Third Doctor. She proved one of the most popular companions during her time on the show. The focus of this memoir is upon her career rather than her private life with special emphasis upon Doctor Who. There are a number of photographs included.

Elisabeth's warm voice came through very clearly throughout the text and it proved a moving, delightful read. This memoir was published posthumously after Elisabeth Sladen's untimely death last year. Like many others I was very sad to hear this news as Sarah Jane had been my favourite companion in the 70s and I adored the fact that she had been brought back by Russell T. Davies for both Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. The memoir gave me more insight into the woman behind the character of Sarah Jane and further emphasised what a wonderful person she was as a wife, mother and friend. Her husband and daughter provided a poignant epilogue giving some details of the writing process and her final illness. A book that is bound to appeal to Doctor Who fans.

Book 127: Cat vs. Cat.
Author: Pam Johnson-Bennett, 2004.
Genre: Non-fiction. Animal Behaviour. Pets.
Other Details: ebook. 240 pages.

The sub-title Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat accurately sums up the purpose of this useful guide. It came highly recommended to understand feline behaviour in a multi-cat household. After the death of two beloved cats last year, I formally adopted a 6-year old neutered tom who had been hanging around my back garden for a couple of years. This introduction has caused some issues with my remaining two females, who have both been with me since they were kittens.

The book gave me plenty of insight into territorial issues along with handy tips on how to deal with conflicts between them, which at times does erupt into display and the occasional running fight. Understanding the dynamics of what is going on with them has helped me cope with the ruffled fur.

Book 128: High Five (Stephanie Plum #5).
Author: Janet Evanovich, 1999.
Genre: Chick Lit Crime Fiction. Comedy/Drama.
Other Details: Unabridged Audiobook (9 hours, 45 mins). Read by C. J. Critt.

With few FTAs (Failures to Appear) currently on the books, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum turns to her bounty hunter mentor Ranger for advice. He gives her a series of rather dicey 'security' jobs to help her supplement her income. These get her into some memorable scrapes. At the same time she is asked by her family to investigate the disappearance of Uncle Fred, who went missing while running errands. The situation becomes darker when Stephanie discovers photographs of dismembered body parts among Fred's possessions.

Again I chose this popular series as my choice for audiobook-in-the-car. I admit that I've become rather addicted to the series as have others in our reading group after we collectively read 'One for the Money' earlier in the year. Critt does a great job of voicing Stephanie combining tension and humour. Its cliffhanger ending meant that I'd immediately moved on to 'Hot Six'.
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