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#2 - Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Title: Catching Fire (Em Chamas) [Hunger Games Trilogy #2]
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Young Adult
Published: 2009
  I'm sure almost everybody has at least heard of the Hunger Games trilogy. It was quite the rage at the first Semester, with the movie about to come out and its content, quite different from the normal teenage fever books. It was not a romance that was the main topic, it was a fight to the death against twenty-three other selected tributes inside an arena designed and controlled by outsiders and watched by the entire Panem. It attracted the attention of everybody and it attracted mine because of it, although it only did for the second time I read it because of various reasons that are irrelevant right now. And I'd hoped that the second book would keep the focus on society, on Katniss' struggle to understand herself and cope with her actions while trying to get out of trouble, not on the Peeta-Katniss-Gale love triangle that could (would) happen when they were back to District 12. My expectations were kept and the book has made me feel so many things I don't even know how to explain most of them. I wanted to be angry, to cry, to laugh, to tell them to stop being stupid and so on and, more important, it has kept me captivated. I couldn't let the book go after I reached the middle of it and I didn't do it until I was finished with it, it was that good.

  It starts out where the first book left, although not directly. It is clear that some time has passed between the last time we see Katniss and Peeta, at the train station arriving at District 12, and Katniss is now, sitting in the woods. It can be a bit confusing for the first two or three pages, maybe the first chapter, but we slowly realize that things are complicated for Katniss and that the icy relationship between her and Peeta keeps on happening behind cameras, until a visit from a special, surprising guest alters the course of everything and Katniss has to run to convince the entire Panem she's completely in love with Peeta while struggling with her feelings for others in order to protect her family and has to deal with a special edition of the Hunger Games that may change everything. And it all gets more dangerous when the Districts start to rebel.

  Read it and don't search for anything else. Even the descriptions at Amazon ruin the fun a little bit because there are some things that will completely blow your mind and leave you just staring at the pages because it's really surprising and reading those spoilers will spoil (sorry) this part of the fun for you. And the discussing on society is quite interesting.
Tags: adventure, dystopia, fiction, futuristic, modern classic, post-apocalypse, recommended book, sci-fi, young adult

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