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Book 102

Talking to the DeadTalking to the Dead by George Noory

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought this book for several reasons, the main one being my interest in ghosts and EVPs. I also listen to George Noory’s radio show Coast to Coast and I’ve read many of Ms Guiley’s work. I got this from her at the Mothman festival this year and am looking forward to talking to her next time about it if possible.

I was hoping that it wouldn’t be just antecedents from the radio show and while there were a few of them, just enough to not feel overwhelming. Instead, the book was about the history of EVP research and I found that fascinating. I didn’t know that when I got the book but I couldn’t have been happier. I have tons of books on first hand accounts but very little on how the movement evolved.

They went back to some of the earliest days of ‘modern’ evp (electronic voice phenomena) to today, including tips on how to do it yourself. I found it fascinating especially the information on Nikola Tesla (note to self read up on Tesla). They went back to about the 1700/1800 hundreds and moved forward. Mostly they talked about the successes, naturally since that is the point of the book but they did talk about the potential scams as well.

I thought this was a well researched, easy to access book and I really enjoyed it and I’m giving it to my brother for the holidays so I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy it too.

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