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Book 113

Scone Cold Dead (A Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #2)Scone Cold Dead by Kaitlyn Dunnett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I haven’t read a cozy in a while and I’m not sure what it is, but lately if it’s not a historical amateur detective, I’m losing interest in it. In some ways this isn’t horrible but in others, it’s not that wonderful either. It’s more a 2.5 stars than 3 (I was generous given my new feelings about cozies).

Liss was a pro Scottish dancer before her injury and return to Moosetookalook Maine to help her aunt run the Scottish Emporium (and it’s hard enough to buy a tourist town, small from all descriptions, can support as many little mom and pop stores as Moosetookalook does). I think this might be book #2 actually.

Liss has arranged for her former dance troupe to come to the town to perform and the womanizing manager, Victor, ends up dead after eating scones laced with mushrooms that he’s allergic to. Dan Ruskin, Liss’s would be fiancée (whom I didn’t like at all) is restoring the family historical hotel doesn’t want her involved but these people are Liss’s friends, a family for eight years before she blew out her knee. In her mind she has to help and there’s a new detective (apparently unlike the incompetent idiot who tried to blame her last time), Gordon Tandy and he wants her help.

And then he doesn’t. And that’s where it gets annoying. He asks for her help, seems to realize it was a mistake then keeps getting annoyed with her. Dan, naturally is jealous and she calls him on it. Later, however, Tandy asks her out (after much being made of how electric she feels around him) and Dan overhears. She plays it off as pumping the detective for information but Dan also manages to be there (how I’m not sure) to see them kiss. This whole love triangle was just plain awkward. Liss is thrilled with it (She’s nowhere near as committed to the relationship as Dan) and I don’t mind a little polyamorous activity but not when it’s this ham handed.

I guessed the killer eons before Liss but like I said, the mystery part wasn’t bad but some of the rest dragged it down. I’m not sure I’d give this another try or not. Well, if I see it at the library, I guess I could try.

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