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Book 41

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41 SALOME Oscar Wilde (Ireland, 1891)

After dancing the dance of the seven veils to the delight of her stepfather, Salome demands the head of the prophet she loves.

I know that there are two Oscar Wildes. The pre-prison one, and the post-prison one. I enjoy both and might even have a preference for the sadness of the second one. However, I was not prepared for the strangeness of this one-act play. Strange in the sense that I did not expect Wilde to write such a slow-paced, poetic play, even though the touch of absurdism is more clearly recognizable.
While I enjoy this short read, the play mainly suffered from my knowledge of "Herodias", a short story written by Gustave Flaubert in 1877, which tells the same story in a much more powerful manner. 
In a way, Salome also suffered from its shortness. With the 38 pages of my edition, it practically ended as it started.
I also realized too late that it was originally written in French and I now wish I had read it in French just to see how Wilde wrote in a different language. Oh well, I can always try to see it performed in French.

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