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Books 51 - 60.

51. Heinrich (comp.) - Mornings With Fulton Sheen
Good read, but better borrowed than owned, so gave it away. :)

52. DaBergamo - Humility Of Heart
My copy had a part of its pages replaces with previous pages, so part of the book wasn't there; still, it was a very good, interesting read.

53. Chomsky - 9-11 (Finnish translation)
Slim and easy to read, it was interesting to read this so far from the time.

54. Weil - Gravity & Grace
A bit unconventional yet conventional too, it actually gave me new viewpoint(s) to ponder on. She definitely has her own views that I don't always agree with, but it doesn't stop me enjoying the book.

55. Paul - Close Enough To Hear God Breathe:The Great Story Of Divine Intimacy
Nothing really new, but definitely a feelgood book that is useful *nods*

56. Barry - The Great Influenza:The Story Of The Deadliest Pandemia In History
One unhurried, thorough book on a subject that interested me, liked it :)

57. Bornstein - Hello Cruel World:101 Alternatives To Suicide For Teens, Freaks & Other Outlaws
Cheery, gentle, unconventional and entertaining book, useful in a lot of ways. Definitely recommended <3

58. Koontz - Odd Thomas
A fast read, and even though I have no intent in reading more Odd Thomas books, this was worth reading :)

59. Maples - Dead Men Do Tell Tales:The Strange & Fascinating Cases Of A Forensic Anthropologist
Interesting cases as well as information on how the work is done, worth owning.

60. Itoh - The Just Bento Cookbook:Everyday Lunches To Go
The lunches are good looking and not complicated, a good book to start with (or the 'just one book' on this subject *lol*)

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