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Paradigm Shift, Part Two: AgitationParadigm Shift, Part Two: Agitation by Dirk I. Tiede

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Part two picks up where part one leaves off. Kate and Mike are still trying to wok on their case which keeps intersecting with a more deadly one where people are turning up mauled to death. This time there is a witness to the killing more or less. A homeless man has seen a young man. Kate and Mike even give chase but he gets away. Worse, the ME, Gina, is infuriated by them even bothering looking for a human since it’s obviously a large wild animal doing this (why she doesn’t entertain someone with a mountain lion exotic pet for example I’m not sure). <br /><br />Finding both animal and human prints on scene leads to a few werewolf jokes by Mike. Kate, on the other hand, seemed to be bouncing back from her shooting remarkably fast. However, her temper is beginning to spiral out of control and there are hints that something is very wrong with Kate. There is a really interesting twist in the end.<br /><br />I am enjoying this a lot. The art is very nice. Mike and Kate are a lot of fun and have great chemistry together. There were a lot of author notes at the end and an art gallery of the characters by other artists (all web comic creators I’m thinking since I think this also started on line). I’m looking forward to the conclusion. I believe the creator told me he was working on something new as well so I should go online and look for it.<br />
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Tags: graphic novel, urban fantasy

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