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Becoming Knights of Seraphina; Secret Suppers

Alcatraz vs. The Knights of Crystallia, by Brandon Sanderson
Still charming, still full of goofy humor, still solidly constructed from tip to toe. And the good librarian was adorable.

Becoming Sister Wives, by Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robin Brown
I was surprised by how much I liked the show Sister Wives - so of course I had to read their book. It was neat to learn more about this family's shared life together. Puts the lie to Tolstoy's famous dictum :).

Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman (ARC)
Great characters, interesting world, intriguing plot, wit, and kind-kindheartedness. Everything I was hoping for based on my enthusiasm for Amy Unbounded.
(202, A12)

The Last Suppers, by Diane Mott Davidson
The story in this one was a bit odd, but the secondary characters were as good as I usually find them, and the main character interested me more in a religious setting - it was a new side of her.
(203, O45)

The Secret History of Moscow, by Ekaterina Sedia
People have been telling me I would like this almost since it came out. They were right! Thoughtful and strange. Like a Jane Yolen - Phillip Jose Farmer mashup.
(204, O46)

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