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Dance in the Vampire Bund #12 by Nozomu Tamaki

I had this volume for some time but had put myself on a bit of a hiatus after the last two were too much politics and not enough stuff that I was interested in. Too bad, since this was wroth the wait. Akira is on his way to the Amazon to rescue Mina from Rozenmann, one of the three last of the pureblood males but has he been killed or not is a mystery. Rozenmann tells Mina that Akira is dead to dishearten her. For that matter, he presents her with her three maids in waiting, completely brainwashed and almost mindless automatons in a further attempt to break her down.

Mina is beginning to crumble, feeling hopeless without Akira. She’s also being kept weakened and trapped in her adult avatar form because Rozenmann wants to breed her. The vampire legend is reexplored here with the reminder that Mina’s mother has done something bizarre not to mention that they have a bizarre and unlikely evolutionary history, from the original vampire there were 99 sons and one daughter and all of her kids will only be daughters and she can only have one. Naturally Rozenmann wants this to be his child but the serum he’s using on her isn’t stable and he can’t breed her that way. We also learn (or relearn, I can’t remember) what happens to werewolves if they’re bitten by a vampire.

Rescue naturally comes (and I have to say I’m a little annoyed that Mina is pretty passive here). We have the reintroduction of Angel (whom I like even though I know this can’t end well). And a lot of twists and turns I don’t want to spoil. We get more werewolf history which explains something that was bothering me (i.e. no female werewolves) and frankly how the werewolves are kind of the vampires’ bitches. We even get vampire dolphins and a South American twist I was not expecting.

As per usual this skirts how much sex is allowable in manga and is definitely NOT for kids. There is tons of nudity. Okay there is more nudity than there is clothing half the time in this. Nozomu tends to err on the side of no one ever wears underclothing unless that’s ALL they’re wearing so it’s ass ahoy in this. Sometimes you think you’re seeing ass but later it turns out to be uniform but I’m not sure WHY there’s uniform in a couple places, like after a full on wolf transformation (okay I do know why, because they can’t draw the dangly bits). There is a fair amount of misogyny in this but it IS from the villains and is being fought against so I can deal with that and the gratuitous nudity. The art is gorgeous and the storyline is picking up. Need to get #13 soon.
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