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Book 126

Dance in the Vampire Bund Gaiden: Dive in the Vampire BundDance in the Vampire Bund Gaiden: Dive in the Vampire Bund by Nozomu Tamaki

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dive is a gaiden and a long and satisfying one at that. I am mystified as to why the back blurb calls the main character ‘Garcia’ Fujisaki. His name is Akira but we don’t actually hear that until Mina’s werewolf body guard Akira shows up and the boys talk names. I don’t think he’s ever called Garcia but he is half Japanese and half Brazilian. But for the purposes of the review I will call him Garcia.

Garcia and his friend, Masaki, are on a tour of the bund during the daylight hours. Masaki, on the other hand has plans to hide out. He wants to become a vampire. Garcia knows Masaki is trying to hide from a gang slaying he was part of and frankly Masaki is a terrible friend. He manages to get both of them turned and enslaved to a group out to blow things up. Also the group turns out to be holding naked women in suit cases and Garcia and Masaki rescue one girl (Masaki promptly tries to rape/bite/something her and Garcia knocks the crap out of him, showing his own dark side. He has a terrible temper.

Masaki takes off, planning to live it up as a vampire while Garcia tries to help the girl. Akira, the werewolf, finds them half exposed to the light and gets them underground only to learn they are recently bit against their will and they are the get of some rebel group. When he tries to get some of the vaccination for them they learn all the vaccine is contaminated and that the warehouse Garcia was forced into destroying contained fresh vaccine. He remembers that Masaki pocketed some so it’s a race to find Masaki in time to save Ruli, the girl, and Garcia. But Masaki has managed to irritate most of the bund by this time and more than just Garcia wants to find him

It was well drawn with almost less naked people than a usual episode of Dance. It was an enjoyable story line and suddenly volume #11 of Dance makes a whole lot more sense. It was worth getting it.

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