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Listening for Stone Revenant; Brief Werewolves Promise End; World Wide Fallout

Revenant Eve, by Sherwood Smith
The first two books in this series were set in the present day (albeit in a Ruritanial setting), so I was surprised to find myself swooped back to the 18th century along with the main character, in this one. Every bit as delightful as the previous books though. Humor, derring-do, and excellent storytelling.

A Stone Bridge North, by Kate Maloy
Slow, gentle collection of polished journal entries about the interior experience of moving to rural Vermont with a third husband and teenage son. Also, lots of Quaker theological musings and thoughts about falling in love with someone over the internet. A lovely book, if those things suit you (they do me).
(229, O52)

Listening for Madeleine, interviews by Leonard S. Marcus
Hm. I'm glad I read this, and some of the bits were particularly good - but overall it was a stutter-steppy reading experience for me. I think I still have a bias against interview formats. And, I was really really sick while I read it. One of those "it's not the book, it's me" situations.

Sandman, vol. 7: Brief Lives, and vol. 8: Worlds' End, by Neil Gaiman (rereads)
I liked Brief Lives even more than I remembered (Delirium! Marvelousness!), and Worlds' End just as much. This whole series is bearing up very well to rereading - so, so many layers.
(231, 232)

Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland, by Bill Willingham et al
This was nifty. Very old school / Twilight-Zone-y. Love the weird-creepy-small-town subgenre :).

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise Part 3, by Gene Luen Yang et al
Satisfying wrap-up. Like the rest of these - I can't imagine a more faithful comic-book iteration of the show.

Scott Pilgrim 2: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, by Bryan Lee O'Malley
This series is growing on me in a big way. Far more clearly self-mocking than the movie, but just as lovable.

Fairest, vol. 1: Wide Awake, by Bill Willingham et al
This was pretty great! Kind of weird seeing some of the art done in Implausible-Boobage Superheroine Mode, but most of it wasn't - and the story was awesome. Can't wait for more stories of the female Fables. :)

Ultimate Spider-Man: Death of Spider-Man Fallout by Brian Michael Bendis et al
This was weird and confusing. And yet, it made me want to get back into reading the Ultimates stuff... I don't quite understand *why*, but there it is.

Angel Omnibus, vol. 1, by Scott Allie et al
Meh. Very meh. Way too much of the abovementioned IBSM, and I didn't feel like they got to know the characters until the last few stories. The new series is way better.

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