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Books 61 - 70.

61. St Edith Stein – Essential Writings (a selection)
One gets a clear picture of how smart she was, and in a way also the spirit of that time (start of the 20th century). Gave me some new things to think.

62. Woolf – Orlando (Finnish translation)
The movie is good but I find this book even better; love the language of it. :)

63. Brite – Lost Souls
64. Brite – Drawing Blood
Decided I had to read some of the earlier stuff of this writer, and both were good, intense, atmospheric horror, very much worth reading.

65. Pavone – The Expats (borrowed)
Probably a good thing I just borrowed this, but still worth a read. You do have to be able to stand the regular flashbacks to enjoy it.

66. White (ed.) – Early Christian Lives
Early saint bios, some details no doubt a bit exaggerated but liked it anyway.

67. Wilder – The Bridge Of San Luis Rey (library)
Easy read but not really inspirig - it's probably better if you borrow it first.

68. Sexton – The Complete Poems (library)
A lot to read, nearly 600 pages. Liked some of the poems but the rest were not really my thing, though I think I gained some insight on her.

69. Midgley – Heart & Mind: The Varieties Of Moral Experiences
Had to concentrate a bit but I did like it a lot; I need to read more of her stuff.

70. Connell – Praying With Mary: A Treasury For All Occasions
While I've read more thorough prayer books before, this is a cute and good-starting-material kind of a book. Worth it :)

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