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Beautiful Dragons Building Supergods; Death Letter

The Beautiful Mystery, by Louise Penny
Penny's writing is as lovely as ever, but the characterization in this one... it's not that it wasn't believable, in the immediate sense... but I didn't like where it took things. I felt too jerked around.

Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri
Oh so much fun! One of those books where the story and the illustration style match each other perfectly. Delightful, will buy for at least one kid I know.

Supergods, by Grant Morrison
Hmmm. Parts of this I wanted so much more of, parts I wanted so much less of. Averaged out to a rather enjoyable, dense, personal book.

Building Stories, by Chris Ware
This came in 14 parts! About two-thirds of the parts are brilliant and the other third made me uncomfortable or alienated (they might also be brilliant, just I'm not the best audience for them). Overall, I loved it.

The Letter Q, edited by Sarah Moon and James Lecesne
Many many letters from QUILTBAG-identified authors to their younger selves. Some in comix form! Absolutely delightful, soothing, heartbreaking, etc., by turns.

Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out, by Mo Yan
An incredibly strange book. Sometimes the narrator changes WITHIN THE SAME PARAGRAPH. And yet, very immersive. I spent a lot of the book finding it too weird to enjoy wholeheartedly, but eventually all the weirdness cohered inside me. After which, I couldn't put it down. I was going through a lot of tough stuff while reading it, so you might get to the coherent, wholehearted thing faster than I did.

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