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Books 14-16: Fables: Homelands, Arabian Nights (and Days) and Wolves by Bill Willingham

Book 14: Fables Vol #6 - Homelands.
Author: Bill Willingham,2006.
Genre: Graphic Novel. Re-told Fairy Tales. Myth and Legend. War.
Other Details: Trade paperback. 192 pages.

This collection contains Fables #34-41. Jack be Nimble (Issues #34-35) has Jack of Beanstalk fame going to Hollywood where he founds a film studio. This series of misadventures sets up the spin-off series Jack of Fables. I am not that fond of Jack as a character though this was an interesting enough tale and allowed for a number of years to pass. I did wonder if there wasn't a slight dig here at the failed attempt in 2005 to develop 'Fables' as TV series.

The rest of the volume contains the story of Boy Blue's revenge mission to the Homelands where he plans to find and assassinate the Adversary. This story was notable for finally revealing the identity of the Adversary. It was a great story and also marked the first appearance of the Snow Queen, one of my favourite storybook characters. I smiled when her presence was announced as 'Winter is coming' given my immersion in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and the motto of House Stark. There was also a one issue story entitled 'Meanwhile', which gave details of what had been happening in Fabletown during Boy Blue's absence and introduced Mowgli from Kipling's Jungle Book.

Book 15: Fables Vol #7 - Arabian Nights (and Days).
Author: Bill Willingham, 2006.
Genre: Graphic Novel. Re-told Fairy Tales. Myth and Legend. Romance.
Other Details: Trade paperback. 144 pages.

This collection contains Fables #42-47. The first story Arabian Nights (and Days) has a delegation of Arabian Fables coming to Fabletown in order to negotiate an alliance against the Adversary. The final two issues contains the The Ballad of Rodney and June, a story of star-crossed lovers who are minions of The Adversary.

While it was great to see the insufferable Prince Charming having a hard time coping with his new status in Fabletown, this collection didn't impress me as much as previous ones. The story of Rodney and June felt rather weak though it was interesting to see characters highlighted who were on the opposite side in the conflict. There was also an interesting twist in its final panels.

Book 16: Fables Vol #8 - Wolves.
Author: Bill Willingham, 2006
Genre: Graphic Novel. Re-told Fairy Tales. Myth and Legend. Romance.
Other Details: Trade paperback. 166 pages.

This collection contains Fables #48-51 and proved one of my favourites. In the first two-issue story Wolves, Mowgli is on the trail of the missing Bigsby Wolf in order to deliver an important message from Fabletown. I was very pleased to have the whereabouts of Bigsby revealed and having him return to the tale. He was missed. Then there is #50 Happily Ever After, in which wonderful things happen. It was lovely and I almost cheered. Finally there is the story Big and Small in which Cinderella seeks to negotiate an alliance with the giants of Cloud Kingdom and visits Smalltown in an unusual guise to seek their aid.

This collection also featured maps of the Homelands and Fabletown as well as Willingham's script for Issue #50 'Happily Ever After'. This showed the degree of visual details that Willingham passes on to his artists to be worked up into the final product. It was very interesting to have a glimpse of the creative process.
Tags: fairy tales, graphic novel, myth and legend, werewolves

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