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Book 10

Angel Para Bellum Vol. 1Angel Para Bellum Vol. 1 by Nozomu Tamaki

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The art in this is by the same artist who does Dance in the Vampire Bund (which is where I saw an ad for this). So, it’s very adult. This needs a warning for sexuality, nudity and violence. That said, I’m not sure what to think of it. It wasn’t bad. The plot, however, is a bit thin at the moment, more on the fight scenes than on character development. But it is just the first one so…

Mitsuru is a very sad young boy. His whole family has died. He was being cared for by a woman named Kyrie (who he refers to as his big sister). She was in a car accident, her car going into the water. Months later, he holds out hope she might be alive but the cops tell him it’s unlikely.

Leaving the police station, he is kidnapped by demons and like I said, Tamaki doesn’t hold back on the nudity and the storyline is very violent and frank. A little demonic tongue to the boy’s naked butt reveals the mark in the small of his back, the none-too-subtle wings. He’s one of the Nephilim (the offspring of an angel and a human) and they think he’s supposed to play a huge role in the Ascension. The demons want him.

Mitsuru is saved by Kyrie and her companion, only for the boy to learn that Kyrie is the archangel, Gabriel and her violent companion is Azrael, the angel of death. They rescue him but can they keep him out of the clutches of the demons hoardes? Time will tell.

Like I said, light on plot so far. Mostly Kyrie and Azrael kicking ass. TONS of fan service, just like in Vampire Bund. Nipples everywhere, Mitsuru put in drag etc etc. The one thing that annoys me with Tamaki’s otherwise lovely art is his habit of drawing clothing like it’s not there so you’re not sure if they’re naked or not. I’ve never seen skirts that perfectly outline ass cracks and tacos like these ones do. Though I suppose they might not exactly have female bits. Azrael said they’re androgynous when Mitsuru realizes they don’t just have boobs (Um no, that’s not what that means). In other words all angels in this verse are hermaphrodites. No one is going to think Kyrie/Gabriel is anything but female (even if she does having morning wood in an omake) because she has the gravity defying boobs of doom.

Will I give it another chance? Probably. I love angel/demon/nephilim stories. Ridiculous amounts of fan service neither turns me on or off. I just accept it as part and parcel of this style of manga. The storyline will hopefully pick up. If it’s nothing but unending battle scenes, I’ll probably lose interest.

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