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First two books of 2013, and goals

I usually make a number of goals beyond getting to 50 books. I always try to read diversely, not just books by white guys, so I imagine I'll keep doing that, though I'm not putting any specific numbers on that. I also like to try to include a few books by disabled authors. My only additional quantified goal this year, though, is to read at least 3 books by GLBT authors, since that's one area I didn't do as well in last year.

Book #1 was the fourth in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, "read" as an audiobook: "The Battle of the Labyrinth" by Rick Riordan. I really enjoyed this installment of the series for a number of reasons. I felt Percy was growing up, as was the subject matter. Riordan really does have to amp up the stakes as the series goes along in order to make it feel like the ulitmate battle is coming, and he does a good job of that in this book. I also liked that he digs deep for more obscure mythological creatures and minor gods. I felt the ecological message in the subplot with Grover looking for the god Pan was a little heavy-handed, but that is one of very few criticisms of the book. Overall, very enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to the fifth and final in this series.

Book #2 was "Ice Cold" by Tess Gerritsen. I've read other books by the author and liked them, but the only reason I picked this particular one up is that it was part of a box of free books set out during a conference I went to recently. I wanted a quick, fun read that was mostly brain candy, and this delivered on those counts.[Minor spoiler (click to open):]I was less thrilled that part of the solution to the mystery was something that the reader couldn't have guessed or intuited at all - it was pretty much completely unrelated to the original line of inquiry, and seemed to come out of the blue. There were only one or two *extremely* vague clues until the very end. That sort of feels like cheating to me in a book like this, so it wasn't one of my favorite books by Gerritsen.Still, I was entertained, so I can't complain too much.

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