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Book 15

Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. 13Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. 13 by Nozomu Tamaki

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really liked the first third of this though it leaves one big thing unanswered in regards to Akira. Angie fills Mina in on some important historical details (which includes a ridiculous panel where a blood sample gets taken via the breast naturally because this IS Nozomu Tamaki’s work and any time we can see a nipple whether we need to or not, we’re going to). They’re menaced by a really creepy villain and Angie further clouds his own stance by helping Mina at least until Akira shows up (though Mina being all wussy and girly here sort of bothered me. Usually she’s stronger than this but I suppose she’s been kept very weak).

Then the story takes an unexpected and very tragic twist. Mina is rescued but at great cost (and a lot of good action scenes, though I am feeling sorry for Angie).

Then we go back to Japan were the fake Mina has created such chaos that all of Tokyo is in a panic (and mostly cut off from the rest of Japan) with their Mayor decrying the vampires, squads of citizens roaming the streets killing anyone they suspect is a vampire (and over 50 of them were not) and the politicians declaring it open hunting season on the vampires. All this Machiavellian plotting takes up the remaining 2/3rds of the book and sadly I wasn’t interested. I think the same gist would have been conveyed if it had just been mentioned and we moved on. Dedicating nearly 100 pages to this was too much.

Hopefully the next one will be more exciting as Mina looks to be arriving in Japan soon enough and the fake Mina is in a panic because she doesn’t know where her counterpart is.

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