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New Year, New Challenge... Books 1 and 2...

1: At the Mountains of Madness (Lovecraft - Culbard)

This was a fairly good rendition, as Graphic Novels go... of Lovcraftian Horrors. I cannot say it was the very best book I ever read on the topic, Graphic Novel or not, but it was worth the read and it did hold my attention.
It is very specific in the choices of color in the graphics, and I think that was a bonus- in many ways, it was like rendering black and white, without the monotony of that. Instead, each set of drawings chose color ranges that evoked specific moods, and that worked very well for this book.

2) 21st Century Dead: A zombie Anthology (edited by Christopher Golden)

I was really Floored by this anthology. (yeah yeah, we all know I love Zombies, but...) Really, this isn't so much about Zombies, as it is about the human condition, and how we handle the CONCEPT of the living dead.

"The Walking Dead" on AMC became a phenomenon in part, because of the way in which it followed specific people and their varying views on the 'walkers'... the Zombies that have taken over their world.

This book takes that same people-centric viewpoint, and with every story, explores different concepts of 'the living dead'.

Oh, we have zombies, sure. But we have some other things too... after all, what if Zombies COULD be 'cured'? Or what if they were mindless things driven by a single evil force?

I loved every story in this book, and that's saying something!

Excellent choice for anyone who loves horror stories!

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