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Books 41-43: Fables Volumes 14-16 Witches, Rose Red and Super Team by Bill Willingham

Book 41: Fables Vol 14: Witches.
Author: Bill Willingham, 2010.
Genre: Graphic Novel. Re-told Fairy Tales. Myth and Legend.
Other Details: Trade Paperback. 192 pages.

This volume contains Fables #86-93. The first single-issue story is Boxing Days (#86) in which Mr. Dark tells how he came to be trapped by the Imperial wizards. Then follows Witches (#87-91) in which the witches and leaders of Fabletown confer on how to defeat Mr. Dark. There is also a running tale about Bufkin, the flying monkey from Oz, who is trapped in the lost business office along with various nasties and a few allies. Finally there is Out to the Ball Game (#92-93) a story set in Haven where a game of baseball leads to a terrible crime.

I was very happy to find that after the disappointing crossover volume that Willingham had returned to form with this collection featuring a variety of the 13th Floor residents (witches & wizards) as well as background on their new adversary Mr Dark. A terrific collection that was rounded out with a 2-part story featuring Ambrose and Red Riding Hood. I also loved the cover art featuring Ozma.

Book 42: Fables Vol 15: Rose Red.
Author: Bill Willingham, 2011.
Genre: Graphic Novel. Re-told Fairy Tales. Myth and Legend.
Other Details: Trade Paperback. 256 pages.

This volume contains Fables #94-100 along with the a new prose story Pinocchio's Army. The focus in the first half Rose Red (#94-98) is upon Rose as she confronts her inner demons so that she can regain control of the Farm, which is currently in turmoil. It explores her back story with Snow White and the narrative conflates the two Snow White stories found in traditional fairy tales: the one with the bear in which she does have a sister and the one with the seven dwarves and poisoned apple.

In Dark City (#99) Mr. Dark builds his new citadel in New York City. Finally the 100th issue of the comic, Single Combat, features a confrontation between Frau Totenkinder and Mr. Dark. It's an extended issue with some fun extras. A great collection that furthered a number of character and plot arcs and made me eager to discover what happens next.

Book 43: Fables Vol 16: Super Team.
Author: Bill Willingham, 2011.
Genre: Graphic Novel. Re-told Fairy Tales. Myth and Legend.
Other Details: Trade Paperback. 160 pages.

This volume contains Fables #101-107. In the first story The Ascent (#107) Bufkin finds his way to the Land of Ev, a companion to Oz. In Super Team (#102-106) a group of Fables take on comic book super hero identities. Finally in Waking Beauty (#107) we pay a visit to the Empire's former capital.

This sees the final battle with Mr Dark and part of this involves various Fables adopting super-hero personas. This aspect was fun and allowed Willingham to take some pokes at superhero comics though this levity contrasted with the real danger presented by Mr. Dark. While I certainly enjoyed this volume this comic element did diffuse the tension, not something that I felt worked all that well. I do look forward to more of Bufkin's adventures.

Now I have come to the end of my mini-marathon of library borrowed Fables Trade Paperbacks. There are two more published to date and I hope to get to them soon.
Tags: fairy tales, fantasy, graphic novel, myth and legend

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