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Book 24

Bleach, Volume 41: Heart (ジャンプコミックス)Bleach, Volume 41: Heart by Tite Kubo

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m to the point that I don’t even ask the librarians for more of Bleach. If it shows up, I’ll look at it since it takes like 15 minutes of my time. I know this is a boy’s manga but surely even teenaged boys want something of a storyline. This is sorely lacking.

It opens with Ichigo ‘pushed to the verge of death by Ulquiorra’ (as per the back blurb). Ichigo’s response is as it always is, to find a new form of attack. His hollow-form goes all bad ass and utterly bestial with nearly no remnants of his personality or intelligence. He’s got one thought left ‘must protect Orihime.’ Naturally he and Ulquiorra fight and fight and fight. Orihime thinks angsty thoughts about how she tried to get strong to help him but all she actually does is stay on her knees and weeps until Ryuyu is forced to yank her out of the way. No one actually tries to help. Sigh. Finally it ends and Ichigo’s bestial form has hurt one of his friends but instead of taking the time to do some character/plot development, it just rolls on to more battle. (Though to be fair it soon breaks from Ichigo back to the fake city the Soul Society has set up).

Speaking of which we go there and fight. No need to review more than that. It’s just one long ‘hey look at my new technique.’ ‘No, look at mine, it’s better.’ To be fair, the art is wonderful. And it is neat to see the senescence power of one of them (heck I’ll give Kudos to Tite for actually using that word). And seeing Toshiro’s power made me happy but overall, the endless fight scenes and lack of plot are getting dull.

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