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Book #15: Torchwood: Rift War

Book #15

Title: Torchwood: Rift War

Author: Simon Furman, Paul Grist, Ian Edginton

Pages: 126

Genre: Science Fiction, Graphic Novel

Stars: *** (3)

Summary: An alien race that controls the rift attacks Earth. Why? Can Torchwood stop them in time and save the world, again? And can they trust those that offer their help?

Review: Old school Torchwood, how I missed you!

Although as expected of most that TW puts out, Ianto is again a quinary character given the odd sarcastic/funny line but being mostly ignored as a useful member of the team. However, the storyline was interesting and showed us the inner workings of the rift and aliens who actually have control over it. The dialogue was great, and the story was a page turner (although it only took me only an hour to read). The art was interesting but skewed the facial features, which bugged me just a little. . The action occurs really fast, switching between various settings, and it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes. Otherwise, it was fun seeing a snarky Owen and brilliant Tosh again. This is a worthwhile read for any fan of the whole team Torchwood but I don’t think someone who hasn’t seen the show would get it

There is also an additional short story, Jetsam, at the end. It is short, sweet, and very alien-y fighting. Actually, I liked it more than the main story so it was a nice surprise.
Tags: graphic novel, sci-fi

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