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Book 6

6. In Darkness, by Nick Lake. This was just fantastic. It blends history with fantasy elements (something I can study from, since that is basically what I've done with my novel). The book takes place in two time periods, with the time alternating between chapters. The first time period is modern-day Haiti, where Shorty, a teen living in Site Soley, is trapped in complete darkness in a hospital by the devastating 2010 earthquake. The other time period is the 1790s and early 1800s, during Haiti's period of occupation by the French. Toussaint L'Ouverture is preparing the other Haitian slaves to rebel against their French masters and regain their freedom. The reader finds out more about the history and background of both, explaining how things came to be how they are There are some liberties taken with L'Ouverture's history - which the author admits. But the issues plaguing Haiti even today, plus the narrative of the characters, makes for a great story. The two stories tie together artfully. Shorty is an engaging character, flawed but sympathetic. He is a product of his environment - one of the worst slums in the world. A beautifully written book.

Currently reading: Silver Orphan, by Martine Lacombe.
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