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Books 78-79: The Armada Boy and Twilight: the Graphic Novel Vol 2

Book 78: The Armada Boy (Wesley Peterson #2).
Author: Kate Ellis, 1999.
Genre: Crime Fiction. Police Procedural. Archaeology.
Other Details: Paperback. 224 pages.

Four centuries, two murders, one motive ... - front cover tag line.

Local archaeologist, Neil Watson, is surveying the site of his next project when he stumbles across the body of an American veteran, who is visiting Devon with the surviving members of his old unit to commemorate their time there in 1944 while preparing for the D-Day landings in Normandy. Naturally Neil's school friend Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson becomes involved in the case. Was it a mugging gone wrong or something more personal? The site in question is being excavated by Neil and his team in order to locate the bodies of a group of shipwrecked Spaniards, who are said to have been killed by locals after they came ashore after the attack by the Spanish Armada in1588. The police investigation uncovers secrets, lies and resentments stemming back over 50 years. Then a self-appointed psychic consultant urges them to find 'the Armada Boy' and that all will become clear. Who is he and could there be a link between the events today and those over 400 years ago?

This is the second in this series and I can already see a pattern emerging as aspects of the modern day case is reflected in the archaeological dig that Wesley's friend Neil is involved in. Thus history repeats itself. Not sure if that formula will continue but I am enjoying the stories enough to read more though the earlier books are a little harder to come by in the library system. I was quite interested to learn that this story was inspired by real events both in the 16th century and pre-D-Day in the 1940s. The latter especially was quite shocking in terms of the number of deaths involving US soldiers before the Normandy landings, some down to German U-boats and others to 'friendly fire'.

Again this was a quick and easy read and perfect read-a-thon fare.

Book 79: Twilight: the Graphic Novel Vol 2.
Author: Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim (artist), 2011.
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance. Vampires. Graphic Novel.
Other Details: Hardcover. 240 pages.

This is the second part of Twilight adapted in graphic novel format. I had actually ordered this from the library back in January when I returned Volume 1 but it has proved so popular that it took this long for me to reach the top of the reserve list.

As with Volume 1 the art work is exquisite and gave the familiar story a new perspective. I was again impressed by Young Kim's use of a limited palette for most of the work only moving to colour for key scenes such as the first appearance of Victoria and the final prom sequence.
Tags: crime fiction, graphic novel, police drama, vampires, young adult

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