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Book #19: Underground Overground by Andrew Martin

A Passenger's History of the Tube

Number of pages: 318

I am fascinated by the London Underground system, and from reading this book it quite clear that so is writer Andrew Martin.

Here, he records the full history of the building of the Underground, from when it was first conceived to the present day, and you can tell that he is very knowledgeable about his source material. I found some bits more interesting than others; I enjoyed reading about the stations themselves and the layout of the system, and was less interested with all the details about how the lines were constructed.

One of the best things about reading this book though was the humour that occasionally surfaces - Martin calls the District Line "selfish" for having two crossings over the River Thames, for example.

Obviously, this book is a bit of a "niche" interest, but for me it made for fascinating reading.

Next book: Black Beauty (Anna Sewell)
Tags: british, history, scholarly

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