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Book #13 - The Ring

Book #13 – The Ring

Name of the Book (Name of the Series): The Ring (The Ring)
Name of the Author: Koji Suzuki
Genre: Horror
Pages: 301
Date: 15.12.2012 - 19.12.2012
Short description:  (Taken from Wikipedia.en) After four teenagers mysteriously die simultaneously in Tokyo, Kazuyuki Asakawa, a reporter and uncle to one of the deceased, decides to launch his own personal investigation. His search leads him to "Hakone Pacific Land", a holiday resort where the youths were last seen together exactly one week before their deaths. Once there he happens upon a mysterious unmarked videotape. Watching the tape he witnesses a strange sequence of abstract and realistic footage that ends with the warning "You, who watched this tape, are going to die in one week from now. There's only one way to survive. And that is—" but the end of the tape has been overwritten by an advertisement. Will Kazuyuki find a way to live?

Own Statement:Though being labelled as horror I don’t think that it is an actual horror novel at all. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed reading it, it just wasn’t very frightening and lacked some suspense. The characters are interesting though and I quite enjoyed following their actions, their train of thoughts and how their behaviour changed with a sword of damocles hanging over their heads. Kazuyuki Asakawa, the main character, seems like a normal man to me, whereas his friend Ryuji Takayama is a bit strange and not exactly the most likeable person. What was good about the book was how the characters got behind the story of the video and its protagonist, Sadako. It was interesting and I did like explanation. My reasons for rating as at Fine and not Good were the style of the book and it’s lacking suspense. I wasn’t gripped by it and I actually was tempted to put it away in favour of another book. I also felt that the characters were rather lucky at some points and that things fell together a bit too neatly quite often. A bit more struggling would have been nice, but I guess that the author felt the pressure of the seven days, too. The end is a bit open, and not an actual ending. It has a sequel that is called “Spiral”. I doubt that I will read it, though.

Extra- Movie-Comparison: The book is the basis for the Japanese, the Korean and the American adaption of the movies “The Ring”, and I have watches the Japanese as well as the American version afore reading the book. A part of me was expecting the novel to be similar to the movies, but neither stayed too close to the story that I read in this book. The Japanese movie is in itself a good movie, and though it’s not the closest adaption the main points seem to be there. I didn’t appreciate all changes, but I’ve seen worse. The American movie is based on the Japanese movie, but it’s not a worthy adaption. The story itself is changed in many points and the backstory of the whole thing is rather disappointing. If anything, it seems a pretty washed down version of me. Readers of the book might enjoy the Japanese version and will most likely don’t ‘feel’ the American one. If you watched the American version first, you will be deligted to hear that the book will give you an actually very different story.

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Rating: 4/7
(1 – Horrible; 2 – Bad; 3 – Disapointing; 4 – Average / fine; 5 – Good; 6 – Very Good; 7 – Excellent)
Tags: asian lit, ghosts, horror, japan, mystery, paranormal

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