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#20 Umberto Eco: On Ugliness
I liked it less than 'On beauty'. Partly because I found it (perhaps naturally) repetitive. Partly because I felt that a lot was missing and the discourse was somehow limited.

#21 Jennifer Donnelly: The Tea Rose
A girl and a boy from the London docks dream of having a live together and their own little shop one day. And then everything goes wrong.
I've enjoyed the book. The story was a bit different from the usual 'girl inadvertently gets herself pregnant and ruins everything' plus there was Jack the Ripper. Some turns did seem contrived, but it still made for a nice story. This is supposed to be the first book of the three, and I am planning to try the second one.

#22 Dan Brown: Inferno
Somebody said that reading Dan Brown is like watching a movie. I guess it is true because he describes every detail of the environment, every scene. This time I found it irritating, because the book occasionally read like a tourist city guide for Florence etc. I also understand, that he wants everybody to be on board and that's why there are explanations of things like 'eugenics' and a short biography of St. Lucia there, but occasionally I felt it was just too much. Surely if somebody has never heard of eugenics they may look it up.
Having said that, I still found the book fast-paced and entertaining. A familiar device of telling a story from different points of view, so that the reader keeps guessing who is who, and a couple of surprises in the end.

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