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Sacred Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #3)Sacred Evil by Heather Graham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Definitely 2.5 stars. I upgraded only because I started with book 3 instead of book one, which might be why I felt the way I did; mainly that the characters on the krewe were flat and pretty much interchangeable and didn't work like a FBI team would. They were more like the guys from TAPS without a plan. It didn't help that nothing on the back cover blurb said paranormal romance. I took two books on the plane, both paranormal FBI teams and romance tossed in. I wouldn't have paired them had I known but oh well.

The idea of this one has been done many times before (the movie with Sigourney Weaver leaps to mind, Copycat). Someone is exactly reenacting Jack the Ripper's kills in NYC, with the possible tie-in to Jack in America murders (Jack went to the USA, to Canada or wherever else people had another sadistic killer at that time). Jude Crosby, a cop whose partner is in the hospital after a shooting, is put on as head of the Jack task force. He's forced to partner with Whitney Tremont, a biracial (as much is made of this in the book) FBI member of a ghost hunting team headed up by Jackson Crow (who has the personality of wallpaper paste in this in his very brief appearances).

Whitney has arrived before her team and is staying in Blair house, a historic home right next door to a demolished building that two of the murders were associated with. A film company has been using it as a setting for their historical movie. The demolished building was once home to a group of Spiritualists turned Satanists and the director insists this is an evil place.

Jude might admire Whitney's detective and interrogation skills but he is very dismissive of the supernatural. About the only real characterization we get for either of these two leads is that Jude is a book man and very dogged. Whitney is sensitive and into the supernatural. I didn't find either of them very engaging. Once the rest of the crew got there, I couldn't tell one from the other (maybe if I had read the other two books, which seem to focus on one member each).

They remain one step behind nearly the entire book as the killer plays out Jack's handbook step by step. It wasn't particularly difficult to figure out who did it. I wished, however, that the romance was more subdued since it bogged down the last half of the book. I'm no fan of insta-love. That said, even if I was, this was just plain over done and boring. At least I felt comfortable skipping the sex scenes. I can't say I'd run right out and get the other books in the series. Oh well.

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