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Books113-114: A Painted Doom and The Skeleton Room by Kate Ellis

Book 113: A Painted Doom (Wesley Peterson #6).
Author: Kate Ellis, 2002.
Genre: Police Procedural. Archaeology. Murder Mystery.
Other Details: Paperback. 336 pages.

Teenager Lewis Hoxworthy discovers a disturbing painting in a medieval barn; a discovery which excites archaeologist Neil Watson who is excavating the remains of an ancient manor house nearby. But when former rock star Jonny Shellmer is found shot through the head in Lewis's father's field and Lewis himself goes missing after contacting a man on the internet, Detective Inspector Wesley Peterson and his boss, Gerry Heffernan face one of their most intriguing cases yet. - synopsis from author's website.

Another intriguing mystery featuring the South Devon CID in which aspects of the past dovetail with the crimes of the present. This one features events from the time of the Wars of the Roses. I did feel that Ellis was teasing the reader a fair amount about the identity of the murderer in the final chapters. Still I didn't mind as it gave me a chance to guess who they were referring to though didn't spot the culprit.

I was amused when Wesley's friend Neil mentioned that he was about to gain his PhD and become Dr. Watson, which was very fitting as his pal Wesley is a big Sherlock Holmes fan and Neil quite seems to like the association given their team work on various cases.

Book 114: The Skeleton Room (Wesley Peterson #7).
Author: Kate Ellis, 2003.
Genre: Police Procedural. Archaeology. Murder Mystery.
Other Details: Paperback. 374 pages.

When workmen converting former girls' boarding school, Chadleigh Hall, into a luxury hotel find a skeleton in a sealed room, DI Wesley Peterson and his boss, Gerry Heffernan are called in to investigate. But within minutes they have a second suspicious death on their hands: a team of marine archaeologists working on a nearby shipwreck have dragged a woman's body from the sea. And it soon becomes clear that her death was no accident. ... Could the shipwreck and the Chadleigh Hall skeleton be linked to five apparently unrelated deaths that have occurred in recent years? As Wesley's quest for a dangerous killer reaches its climax, he finds the truth to be as shocking as it is unexpected. - synopsis from author's website.

Another well written intriguing murder mystery in which crimes of the past overlap with the present day. In this case the activities of the notorious wreckers of the Devon and Cornwall coast during the 18th century feature alongside a series of modern day murders.

I really love this series now and find I am quite addicted. I note that these past two novels in the series have been longer than the earlier ones; perhaps expressing the 21st century trend towards longer novels.
Tags: crime fiction, police drama

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