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Book #33: A Fresh Start by John Chapman

Number of pages: 214

In this book, writer John Chapman explains about the way of life for Christians, and although it feels as though it is aimed at people who are just starting to think about becoming Christian, it is also a good book for committed Christians to remind themselves about the important aspects of faith and the right attitude towards life.

I quite liked the fact that Chapman points out the number of eyewitness accounts for Jesus' resurrection in the Bible, setting out this as his reasons for believing what it says. He also shows that he has a good Biblical knowledge, and shows this by quoting relevant passages throughout the book. Overall, this was a very simple book to understand, so is a recommended book to anyone who would like to know more about what it means to be Christian.

Next book: Nicholas Nickleby (Charles Dickens)
Tags: academic, christian, essays, miracles, non-fiction, scholarly, spiritual reading

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