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Book 36 for 2013

Almost Human by Destiny Howell. 116 pages.

I should probably cut this book some slack as it's clearly intended for people several decades younger than me, but some authors manage to write books which are aimed at a teen audience but still eminently readable for older people - Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones and Garth Nix to name but three. Howell is not yet of that number, alas, although she can at least write decent clear prose, so she may have a chance of joining their ranks someday.

This is a slight tale of a teen girl who gets embroiled with the local werewolves. I was under the impression when I downloaded it that this was a novel, but it's not - in fact it reads like the first three or four chapters of a novel.

Not awful, but I shan't be seeking more from this author.
Tags: werewolves

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