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Books 12 - 39

Apologies for back dating so much but I've been without internet :p
I'll shorthand my thoughts on these: My favourite of this batch was most definitely the Hunger Games Trilogy, despite being very disappointed with the last book, I couldn't put them down and thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 books.
Least favouite read was: "My Mother's Keeper" by B.D Hyman, this is a biography of Bette Davis as written by her (ultimately disinherited) daughter. Not only is the writing the worst I've ever experienced, the content is ludicrous. I can understand that Bette Davis was a complex woman (with a reputation for having a sharp tongue and a quick temper) but it seems an obvious money-taking tactic on her daughter's part to write a book which I assume was meant to parallel the damning account of Joan Crawford: "Mommie Dearest". Most of the arguments in this book seem to be about food...?! Don't read this book... Seriously, take a nap or something, you'll get more out of it...

12- 23."Invincible" vol- 1-16
24."The girl who kicked the hornets nest"- steig Larson
25."Simply Wing Chun Kung Fu"- Shaun Rawcliffe
26."101 poems that you could save your life". ed. Daisy Goodwin
27."Michael Palin Diaries 69-79"
28."The Hunger Games"- Susan Collins
29."My Mother's Keeper"- BD Hyman
30."Time and again" by Jack Finney
31."Catching Fire" by Susan Collins
32."Mockingjay" by Susan Collins
33."Sabbath's Theatre" by Phillip Roth
34.Terry Pratchett “The Blink of a screen”
35.“The 39 steps” by John Buchan
36.“One Second After” by William Forsthecen
37.“The surgeon of Crowthorne” by Simon Winchester
38.“The Remains of the day”by Kazuo Ishiguro
39.“The real Frank Zappa book” by Frank Zappa

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