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Mortal Demonologist; Eyewitness Existence

The Demonologist, by Andrew Pyper
How excellent was this? It was so excellent that I didn't even mind that it was written in present tense. 'Nuff said.

Mortal Fire, by Elizabeth Knox
And this book was even better! It probably helped that it was set in alt-NZ, considering HOW VERY EXCITED I AM ABOUT NEW ZEALAND RIGHT NOW, but really it's just that awesome. Maths and magic and weird history and characters whose flaws make them more lovable. Knox has officially made it onto my go-to author list.

Eyewitness: New Zealand, by various people at Dorling Kindersley
I read about 5 guidebooks in the last 2 weeks, but this is the only one I read the whole way through. <3 DK.

Existence, by David Brin
So I got this book for free! At a panel thingum! And I was all... uh, I dunno... should I really bother with it? It's awfully long... and I know I loved David Brin when I was thirteen... but I had a lot more patience when I was thirteen... and I remember him being rather infodumpy..... *ambivalent face* Then I started reading! And I was having SO MUCH FUN! So apparently my inner 13-year-old knows when to come to the fore. If you like infodumpy science fiction where the plot revolves mostly around people thinking and throwing out a hundred ideas is much more important than developing the nuance in any one of 'em, you might really like this! Which is totally not a back-handed compliment, because I did really like it! Just, you know, don't go reading it because I liked it and then coming back and complaining to me that it's not Elizabeth Hand. Because I will roll my eyes at you. :D

PS Man, do I love me some Elizabeth Hand.

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