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27 The Black Company

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27 THE BLACK COMPANY Glen Cook (US, 1984)

The Black Company is a band of mercenaries whose alliances are purely financial.

The Black Company is the first volume in the series of the same name.

Because of the season, I was in the mood to start a new fantasy series. I'd heard a lot of good things about this one when I was looking for "grey characters" similar to the ones found in Game of Thrones.
The good thing is that The Black Company is fairly well written, something few fantasy novels can boast of. By that I mean that the language is appropriate to the context, and is therefore - as it should be - the efficient and concise language of a soldier.
But unfortunately it's the content that failed to impress me. Glen Cook believes in the "just throw the reader into this new world" approach. It's not one I dislike as a rule, but so far in the series I don't think he pulls it off. I was confused half of the time as to what was going on. And it wasn't the sort of confused that makes you want to read more, but the one that bores you.
The action itself (or what I understood of it) did not seem to stand out from your average novel, and the characters' personalities felt forced. As for the supposed "greyness" that attracted me to this series in the first place, it resided more in the premise than in the characters.
I have purchased an edition that includes the first three books. I don't know if I'll read all three of them, but I'll definitely try number two. All I want is to change my mind if I can.

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